We welcome folks from our immediate area to be our guest at one of our weekly micro-community gatherings.

A micro-community is a smaller, more intimate community within our congregation. We operate as a "community of communities" so to speak. That means that the main way our folks connect, grow, learn, and live is through their own micro-communities. We don't believe that this type of intimate connection can be achieved in large groups or gatherings. 

Each week, we have several different micro-communities made up of three or four families who meet together in one another's home for a meal, worship, prayer, and fellowship. It is in these micro-communities that true, lasting, deep bonds are made that helps us build disciples. Our first goal is to create community. It happens within these micro-communities.

As we create community, then true discipleship can occur, which eventually leads to us living on mission together.

If you are interested in getting to know us through our micro-communities, please talk to a member of Eikon House and ask about these weekly gatherings. Perhaps there's one in your neighborhood.

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